Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LEGO Games: Harry Potter Hogwarts

This a description of a LEGO Game I have called Harry Potter Hogwarts.

Challenge your friends to a race to get your homework and back to your common room. Sounds
easy, right? Wait till you see the stairs. They just don't... stay put. It's an exciting game you can build, play, and change.

First, click on the link and take the tutorial.
Notice the changes you can make.

Here are my changes. What will you change?

1. Invisibility Cloak: Replace "2" with a white tile. When you roll you can jump over Mrs. Norris to any adjacent staircase.
2. Help From Harry: Place the exclusive microfigures behind Dumbledore one at a time as he moves up the steps. Once a character is on a staircase he doesn't move. When you run into your exclusive equivalent (Harry=red, Malfoy=green, Hermione=blue, Ron=yellow) they will sneak into a classroom and get your homework for you. They can only be used once.
3. One At A Time: When you get a piece of homework, place it on your character's head and walk back to your common room to put it there.

I can't wait to see what you change! (Esp. all you kids out there!)

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