Monday, June 6, 2011

Ask Kimball

I'm doing a new thing where if you want to ask me a question, post it in your comments and I will answer the week after in my next post. Ask me anything (and I mean anything.)


What is the square root of pi?
1.77245... well, it's a big number. Do you have a calculator function on your computer? Pi is 3.14159265, FYI.:)

What do you mean, what is your "geometric defender?"
I mean, what shape will you choose, and what themes?.

Is your uncle an evil banana?
Which one? :)

Please send your questions!


  1. From your Johnson Cousins:
    When will you come visit us in Southern California?

    Uncle Tyler wants to know which uncle you think of as an evil banana? (because we've always considered him more of an evil durian)

    Do you want more brothers or sisters? If yes, how do you plan on convincing your parents?

    What was the order of the states as they joined the union? And in what year?

  2. Who's your hero?

    What's the best thing about being the oldest in your family?

    What's your favorite day of the week and why?