Friday, June 17, 2011


I took some pictures of Margaret, my baby sister.
Some of her faves are:

Being tickled
Begging for food (esp. off mom!)
Being tossed by dad
Scaring us (nowadays by going into deep water)
Copying us
Playing peekaboo
"Playing" the piano during my piano practice
Playing in the living room
Being silly
Being "scolded"
Being dramatic and exaggerative.
Reading with mom
Me saying "Ninja..." ("GOOOO!" she says.)
Reciting words she knows

This is our family in Meg-speak:
"Mom-ee, Dad-dee, Bub-al, Ah-ree, Ee'n, Bra-weh, Me!"
"Mom, Dad, Kimball, Henry, Ian, Bronwen, Margaret."

She is growing fast. A few months ago, she could climb out of her crib and
come into my room. A few weeks ago she started sleeping in a bed. She is almost 2. I can't believe someday she will be Bronwen's successor in her "reign of terror."

Now here are some questions you asked me last week:

Erika: When will you come visit us?
Me: Lemme ask my mom. She says around August, if you can help us find a spot to park a 40' motor home.

Erika: Which uncle do you consider an evil banana?
Me: Ian made me use it as a sample. I was joking. (But if I had to choose, I guess It'd be Stu or Evan.)

Erika: Do you want more brothers and sisters?
Me: Nah, I'm good. Well, maybe just ooone more...

Erika: What was the order of the states as they joined the union? What year?
Me: The answer's a little long, so here's a link.

Tamara: Who's your hero?
Me: Will Furno.

Tamara: What's the best about being oldest?
Me: When mom and dad are gone, guess who's in charge. ;)

Tamara: What's your favorite day of the week?
Me: Saturday.

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